Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Moving time....

Hello gang,

I'm popping in to say that it's time for me to be moving on - I've got a new space over here at WordPress:


There are more changes on the way - new website, new yarns, new, well everything, and I'm still getting my head around a whole new blogging format, but I'm sure you'll bear with me during the renovations....

In the meantime, did someone say new yarns????

I hope to see you all over at my new home soon. Please say hi - I feel like I'm blogging into the void these days - it would be nice to know that someone is still reading!

There'll be yarn for sale soon, and tools, and patterns, and lots of good things. Slow and steady, she goes.

More to come,

Leah xxx

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Step One - The Plan.

Slow and steady she goes, at Casa Hyena - this year is full of promise, but I am taking it very slowly, step by step.

I've been dropping some hints that there is something on the horizon for me, my business, and my blog, and I'd like to start slowly sharing some of the details with you - this is a process that will take some time, in small baby steps, and I'd like you to be involved along the way.....

Last year was a challenge for me to say the least. Some big life changes happened, and I found myself at one of those crossroads that happen periodically in one's life. It's time to start thinking about change.  I've been working full time, bartending and booking bands at the inimitable Wheatsheaf Hotel for over seven years now. I love my job, I work for three excellent women, in a business that actively promotes local, handmade and craft beers, whisk(e)y and music. It's a good place to be, and the longest and most satisfying job I've ever had.

The old girl gets a facelift... #wheaty #mamasgotabrandnewbag

Nonetheless, I have been neglecting my creative side these last couple of years, and despite knitting up a storm in my spare time, I haven't been in this space or actively involved in my craft community. I miss that. I miss being in touch with other crafters, I miss making and selling things from my own hands. My passion is for making, and I've been neglecting my passion.

In the grand scheme of things, my dream is what most people dream - I want to do the one thing I really love as a job. And that's where this rambling spiel starts to come to life.

Sorting and winding... #merinocashmere

The plan is to start small. I'm going to start dyeing wool again, and reopen my online shop. I'm working on a few fun projects, both for the shop and my local community, and I hope there will be something in that for all of my long suffering readers. There are plans for products, and knitting patterns and classes. There are larger plans yet to come to fruition, but if this thing builds in the way I'd like it to, it won't be long before I can put some of those ideas into action.
Instead of seeing the textile work I do as a hobby, I want to start to build it into something bigger. Something more inclusive and involved. The million dollar Take Over The World Craft Plan will have to wait, but the much smaller plan is manageable, achievable, and just as exciting for me.

The beginnings of that plan have already taken fruit - I've taken on the lease of a warehouse space with a few friends, and we've been cleaning and painting up a storm trying to realise the art studio of our dreams.

We got the keys to our new home! #theaxehouse

"The Axe House' (as she is affectionately and somewhat morbidly known) has a story of her own to tell. More of that in another post...

In the meantime though, I hope to take you all on the ride with me, so please, stay tuned - I'll need every bit of support I can muster, and if I can re-establish my connections with this wonderful community I used to call my own, the work will be much easier.

Starting a craft business is scary and exhilarating all at once - talking through the process on here is how I get all of this stuff out of my head and into the real world - I hope you like the results.....

More to come,

Leah x

Monday, 7 January 2013


Has been good so far....

I dressed up in a crazy outfit and played a gig with these wonderful dames:

The Phlaps!

Things got a little crazy, as they do on 45 degree days:

Killing time at the airport with photos from yesterday - John Baker rockin' out a solo to an adoring crowd....! #thechaps #wheaty

This is my friend Jim getting his knee high socks ripped off by a gang of sparkly ladies:

Jimmy Redgate getting his fetching knee-high socks ripped off by a gang of sparkly ladies... #thechaps #wheaty

Jim makes beautiful guitars, which you can see here. He made me a ukulele recently, and she is a vision beyond description...

Christmas was a whirlwind of travel, family, and a bit of knitting whilst watching the obligatory cricket match on the back lawn:

Knitting and watching the family cricket match #aussiexmas

And on my return, a sold out show with dear friends at the helm:

What a nice way to finish off the year... #wheaty

Already this year is looking good - with excellent friends to share it with:

Sparklers are awesome!

No! Sparklers are scary!

I hope the pattern stays true - tonight I am headed to the beach, which is a good start, I think.

I hope your year is turning out well so far - there's more to come. Indeed. Much, much more....

Until then, friends,


Monday, 31 December 2012



It's been a long year, friends. In my last moment to myself before the clock ticks over into 2013, I want to revisit this space, say hello to any old friends that might still have me in their feed readers, and welcome any new ones that may have stumbled in here by accident - hello!

It's been a long time between stints here at Hyena In Petticoats, and the business of day to day life has been all consuming over the past couple of years. We all know how it goes, but I hope, in preparation for a new year, that I will be able to re-commit to many things I have put down. It's time to pick some things up again.

One of those things is this poor, tired old blog of mine. There are some changes coming, and I hope to be able to share them with you - and I hope that you will be as excited about what's coming as I am. There are lots of plans. Slow brewing plans. Life changing plans.

More to come - in the meantime, Happy New Year, my dears, wherever and whoever you may be spending it with. See you on the other side....

Leah xxx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

I've got plans brewing, my friends....

Stay tuned in the new year! Xxxx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Blogging in the iPhone age....

The cat and I are just trying to figure out how to post from the phone... Please forgive us while we work out what we are doing....

Friday, 25 November 2011

easy does it.

Slow going, around here.

I took an all-too-short trip to the place of my birth to bury my Grandmother high up on a hill with a view to the sea.

Since I've been back my homebody instincts have kicked in with full force, and I find myself in most of my spare hours curled up on the couch, embracing lethargy and a bit of a dark turn of mind... (thanks, Gillian Welch).

However, there is knitting, so at least my slothdom is still productive.

I joined the Madelinetosh Sweater Club this year - boy is it expensive, but when a huge bag of soft smoothy cashmere blend yarn comes through the mailbox, it really doesn't seem to matter that I'm scraping together the monthly payments!


I've just cast on for a Tinder - like most contemporary knitters I have a fan girl crush on Jared Flood - oh, the man who knits! If only real boys understood the appeal - they'd be fighting girls off with a stick!

Anyway - a few links to follow to keep you entertained:


Gilian Welch - The Harrow & The Harvest

Jordie Lane - Blood Thinner


When You Are Engulfed in Flames - David Sedaris

I've also got some stuff going on at Pinterest, if that's your kind of thing.....

Have a great weekend, sweet peas. xxx

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Wooly business...

There's a couple of things happening on the internets that I wanted to share -

The inimitable Kate Davies, of Needled, is the co-founder of a movement in the UK to change clothing and manufacturing classifications of wool products - similar in intent to the Australian Woolmark licensing system, the goal is to change labelling, product descriptions, and labelling to accurately describe to true wool content of products for sale - a noble goal indeed....

I quote from Kate's blog below the aims of 'Wovember' - the month of November devoted to raising awareness and support for wool production and labelling:

(photo credit)

WOVEMBER is about:

* recognising that WOOL is a premium textile which comes from an actual sheep, and that – as such – the terms WOOL, WOOLLY and WOOLLEN should only be applied to real WOOL and not, for instance, to polyester or viscose.

* celebrating the important heritage and contemporary value of WOOL through our 100% WOOL stories, blog posts, pictures, textiles, and garments.

* educating and informing the wider public of the wondrous qualities of WOOL.

* creatively pushing the idea that the word WOOL should refer to sheep’s WOOL only.

* reconnecting the idea of WOOL to the animals and people involved in its creation and manufacture.

* campaigning for a clarification of trading standards to prevent further misuse of the term WOOL.

I encourage everyone to visit the Wovember site to participate and learn some more....

As for the knitting side of things, my lovely and awesome vintage loving friend Tasha has just launched Vintage Knitting College - an ongoing series of posts about knitting vintage patterns, with techniques tips and tricks, all clearly laid out with gorgeous photographs and clear instructions....

This is an ongoing project, and you can find the first post of the series here - getting started with Stranded Knitting!

I'm about to embark om my first colour work project myself, so I'm glad that Tasha will be there to hold my hand along the way....

Sadly, I am a little hungover today, so it's basic knitting, trashy tv and cups of tea for me!

Grandma is a bit hungover today...

I hope your weekend is a little more spirited than mine!


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

10 months

That's how long it's been since I last posted. Whoops. Is anyone still out there?

Lets ease back in slowly, shall we? How about some photographs of my new veggie patch?

the veggie patch

The last almost-year has been productive - the back yard prior to this looked like a long abandoned trailer park in the boondocks - there is still a whiff of white trash out there, but I am winning - one little seedling at a time.

I'm all about the urban farm these days - I have preserving plans in my future, and with a successful batch of passata and one of rosemary syrup under my belt, there is more to come. There has also been plenty of knitting, ukulele playing, and a bit of sewing - plenty to share. Stay tuned, old friends.....


Diggers Club

Soulemama's Passata

Rosemary Gin Lemonade slushies

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Because Shula told me to:

A new feed for you to follow: I've started posting my everyday photographs here:


Hyena In Petticoats on Tumblr

Do pop in for a visit - I do wish my photo app would publish direct to blogger, but alas. There you have it.