Monday, 7 January 2013


Has been good so far....

I dressed up in a crazy outfit and played a gig with these wonderful dames:

The Phlaps!

Things got a little crazy, as they do on 45 degree days:

Killing time at the airport with photos from yesterday - John Baker rockin' out a solo to an adoring crowd....! #thechaps #wheaty

This is my friend Jim getting his knee high socks ripped off by a gang of sparkly ladies:

Jimmy Redgate getting his fetching knee-high socks ripped off by a gang of sparkly ladies... #thechaps #wheaty

Jim makes beautiful guitars, which you can see here. He made me a ukulele recently, and she is a vision beyond description...

Christmas was a whirlwind of travel, family, and a bit of knitting whilst watching the obligatory cricket match on the back lawn:

Knitting and watching the family cricket match #aussiexmas

And on my return, a sold out show with dear friends at the helm:

What a nice way to finish off the year... #wheaty

Already this year is looking good - with excellent friends to share it with:

Sparklers are awesome!

No! Sparklers are scary!

I hope the pattern stays true - tonight I am headed to the beach, which is a good start, I think.

I hope your year is turning out well so far - there's more to come. Indeed. Much, much more....

Until then, friends,


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mikeskamo said...

I just wanted to say I'm so excited to see your blog active again. I came across it maybe a year ago, right around the time you stopped posting, but I loved the content so much I have kept an eye on it. And now all is rewarded!

I hope life is good for you, though it sounds very busy. I hope to see more. Thanks!